Your Mail and Parcels

“Sus Envios a Encomiendas” means “Your Mail and Parcels” en español.

I’ve been in a bit of  a Spanish state of mind lately. I had a mid-term exam this week in my class. I think I did pretty bueno actually. And last Friday I met the editor of Providence en Español, a very cool customer named Victor. Did you know it is the second biggest paper in the state? Who’d have thought? It turns out there are quite a few Spanish speakers here and they still read the newspaper.

Good to know for those of us in Spanish class who sell pictures to newspapers.

In any case, it’s  reminded me of this picture I took in Guatemala city a while back. I was walking down the calle’ and a paper sign that read Providence Rohde Island stopped me right in my tracks. It turns out the only business these couriers do is sending packages to and from the city I call home. Small world.

also I just learned how to type Ñ and I wanted to show off.



One Response to “Your Mail and Parcels”

  1. Did you know that most spell check software _still_ doesn’t recognize “Rhode” as a word? In fact, Firefox just underlined it in red when I typed it right now. It also underlined “firefox” until I capitalized it – then the software was okay. But “Rhode?” it even keeps the red underline when I spell out the whole thing! Rhode Island! This state gets no respect!

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