I was just saying in my last post how I didn’t seem to have any Republican pictures and wouldn’t you know it, my Saturday assignment was to cover the East Providence Republican City Committee Breakfast Forum. The candidates who showed up all seemed perfectly nice. You’ll have all summer to decide who you like and besides that it isn’t really my place to tell you who to cast your ballot for. I am going to go out on a limb here though and make one early endorsement…

The Portuguese Bolo sandwich.

The event was held at theStar Diner on Newport Ave and they do this egg sausage and cheese thing on a sweet roll that definitely gets my vote.



2 Responses to “E.P.G.O.P.”

  1. I’m glad listening to WPRO has been inspiring you on the politics. I haven’t listened to Buddy over a month now. I hear he is switching to a later time in the afternoon. What are you going to be listening to from 10am to 2pm now?

  2. P.S. your time stamp for leaving comments has not conformed to DAYLIGHT Savings time. I just realized this because i have three hours left in my shift.

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