Barrels of fun

The brewers of Newport Storm just opened their news digs at 293 J.T. Connell Rd in Newport and I was lucky enough to be invited in to poke around and take a few pictures this afternoon. While I did not achieve my goal of free beer for life, CEO Brent Ryan did furnish me with one colorful fact. Stainless steel kegs, at a cost of a hundred and something bucks each, quickly add up to very sobering dollar amounts when enough of them grow legs. To more easily pick Newport Storm barrels out of a crowd they are spray painted with all sorts of crazy designs. They make for quite a spectacle when gathered  all together. I recommend taking the tour.

Also Mr. Ryan… I would be remiss in my responsibilities as a good time guy not to point out that you are poised to have the greatest Easter-egg hunt in the  history of the world.



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