Shimmy Shimmy Ya

So long story short: I just haven’t been a hundred percent lately. Industry concerns, questioning the power of the still image… too much for you to have to listen without a co-pay though. Anyhow, today I had my first assignment from a new paper and it was important for me to get off on the right foot. I figured I’d go whole hog and change my work flow all together while I was at it and shoot raw files (I think it comes from shooting sports and burning through loads of memory but I never got into shooting/editing in raw.) That little curve ball really freshened up my editing process. Nuts and bolts aside, my understanding is raw files are a little more stable and I wonder if the switch had something to with my commitment to my craft. Anyway I feel better and think I did a good job.

Check out my shots from this afternoon’s L.N.G. hearing at the Statehouse and let me know what you think.



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