Whispering Pines

There’s this Scott Strazzante picture from last March that has stuck with me for a couple reasons. First, It’s just a really good picture (of a very serious subject) but second it struck me as a good way to solve a problem. Once in a great while we have to shoot a picture of someone without revealing their identity and it always take some figuring out. I was reminded of that picture yesterday when I saw my old man standing in front of some leafless branches. The image I made is a far far cry from the elegance of Mr. Strazzante’s but It’s still good exercise. I blame the trees. My Dad did a fine job.

For more pictures of Ed and the rest of my family’s trip to check out Whispering Pines (where my wedding to Megan will take place August 15th) check out this gallery.


*My apologies to Mr. Strazz for my continuing theft of his moves. I hope he considers imitation the highest form of flattery.


One Response to “Whispering Pines”

  1. Excellent subject matter… too bad about all those trees…

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