Sinners Repent!

I went to go see JC and Rachel today because I thought they had a hearing (for an old trespassing charge). I ended up not going because I called Danielson Superior Court to see about the shooting in the courtroom and they said the charges had been dropped. That’s the good news. The bad news is the fast has left them quite frail. The months of only taking in liquids has reduced Rachel to 87 pounds and JC not much more than that. There’s nothing I can say to get them to eat. They are convinced God wants them to do this to save the sinners of Moosup Connecticut.

There are two people who live on Main St in Mooseup CT who are eventually going to kill themselves if they don’t eat.

There, I’ve told you. I’ve fulfilled my responsibilities as a journalist. But as a person… I’m not sure. What should I do in this situation?



2 Responses to “Sinners Repent!”

  1. Try calling elder services for the state of CT. What is the saying “you are a human being first and journalist second” so I think you should at least try and tell an authority of some sort.

    • Yeah that could be an idea. Maybe if it goes too much further. It’s going to be hard for a few reasons though. They have a history of psychiatric evaluations that say they are mentally competent so you can’t force them to except treatment. I think they’re apt to charge any health care provider who examines them with assault. Rachel, I’ve been told, was pregnant years ago and was visibly bleeding infected but opted to “let God heal her” rather than see a medical doctor. If I’m around and they go down I’ll call 911 but I think all I can do for now is hope they’re given a “sign” that it’s time to get a bite to eat. I wonder if I called the cops if they would check in on them or if JC and Rachel would see it as some sort of betrayal on my part.

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