Valley St. River Explorers

I came across a couple little guys wading into the water as I shot more flood pictures this afternoon. I was torn. I thought it might yield some good pictures, but I was concerned about their safety. I decided to err on the side of caution and I told them this wasn’t a place for kids to play. They ignored my warning and walked past me into the river Valley St. has become. I quietly thanked the picture gods and followed them about a block, camera a’blazing. It wasn’t until I saw the beautiful iridescent sludge on the water’s surface from a hundred submerged engines in the nearby junkyard that I snapped out of my parasitic journalistic trance.

“This water is YUCK! Go home and take a bath!” is what I said.

I must have sounded like a grown-up this time because they got on their bikes and went home.



6 Responses to “Valley St. River Explorers”

  1. Cool Pics! You old man!

  2. love it. and…err on the side of caution? did you happen to just read the same ccri alert that i did?

  3. WOW, you captured the scene. Thank God someone was looking after those kids.

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