“day of reformation”

I am by no means a body builder but from what I hear on the subject you max-out sometimes to get bulk and other times you do repetitions to define the muscles. I wonder if I can apply a similar practice to develop myself in my craft. Sometimes I get to read a story before it’s published and choose how to illustrate it or else I’ll have something in my personal project I need to get my head around. I liken these to putting up as much weight as I can (in my case it’s somewhere around the weight of two cats).

Then there’s reps. One of my clients is a major metropolitan newspaper and a lot of times they need me to go get a picture and get it back to them ASAP because then they need me to go get another picture. It used to really frustrate me but ( “God give me the serenity to accept that which I cannot change” ) now I’m trying to see the value in high reps.

For instance Bernie McDaid seen above is a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest when he was an 11-year-old alter boy. Kind of a sensitive subject right? I took his picture because he’s headed to the Vatican for what he calls the “day of reformation” (which you can read about here). In the past I would have taken all day to shoot his portrait but because I was on the clock I came up with these shots in just a few minutes. I later found out that he’s been on CNN and NPR and every other newspaper in town (and BTW don’t think it doesn’t take a pretty tough character to do that) so he could just be used to having his picture taken but still, I was happy with these shots.

It’s maybe not the best way for me to do my job. I wish I could have spent all day with Mr McDaid. We all would like to be able to take our time and do it right but I’m just saying it’s possible I’ve benefited from shooting on the fly now and then.



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