another day at the office

I went to the opening night at the Boston POPS. POPS is apparently short for popular music… something I should have known probably (but their public relations people were classy enough not make me feel like a Neanderthal for asking- thank you). It was fantastic. I had to wait for the crescendos to shoot pictures so the clicking of my camera didn’t interfere with the music and, as I waited, I found myself taken by the music. Perhaps it’s because I experienced the show by mostly watching Keith Lockhart, the conductor, through 200mm lens. You don’t realize how much is going on with those guys until you’re listening and stairing at one through a telescope.

Also they played Leroy Anderson’s “The Typewriter”… That goes a long way with a newspaperman.

Also I met Tony Hawk at the assignment right after that… shook hi by the hand. seemed like a good guy.



3 Responses to “another day at the office”

  1. That was great that they played “The Typewriter”. Did the soloist come forward to perform? In the old days he would wear a green eyeshade. Diid id he wear anything special this year? Any different “twiists” to the soloist’s performance?

    Hope to hear from you.

    Eleanor Anderson

    • Hey Eleanor,

      I wasn’t paying enough attention to the orchestra (The Herald mostly needed shots of the conductor so I was really concentrating on Lockhart) but I don’t remember any special costumes or theatrics. I’ve putted around Youtube a little in search of other performances and I know what you’re talking about. it’s a bunch of fun when they have the typewriter and visor… a cigar doesn’t hurt either. I’ll keep an eye out for it next year. Take care.

  2. Trumpet Ranger: It is amazing to watch, and the Pops are one of the best. But I still don’t regret anything we pulled on Jimmy C back at SHS.

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