Paul Timmins

Dude you’re never gonna believe this.

I shot the  South Side Community Land Trust annual plant sale over the weekend… buy local food… you know all that stuff already (here’re some pictures). Listen to this though. I pulled this fella aside and asked if I could make a quick portrait of him. He has a look about him right? With the shirt and everything? Anyway, we get to talkin’ and he tells me his name is Paul Timmons and he used to be a security guard at RISD. ‘Course in those days he was heavier. Paul goes on to say he knew a kid going to school for animation named Seth MacFarlane and that Seth even based a cartoon character on him.

I googled it and this guy was a security guard at RISD in the 90’s and the Wikipedia page says the Family Guy was based on a security guard at RISD and Paul Timmins and Peter Griffin are sorta close. I don’t know. He didn’t really have the voice. Anything is possible though I guess right?



4 Responses to “Paul Timmins”

  1. Ryan, I’ve heard Seth MacFarlane say exactly that in an interview on the Adam Carolla podcast saying there was a security guard who inspired Peter Griffin. That’s cool.

  2. Just saw a video on ABC6 news in RI and it was the same guy you have posted here

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