Nicholas Fomby-Davis

Saturday I had to photograph a kid’s funeral. I could have stood across the street with the TV shooters wearing shorts and talking about the Celtics. Instead, I combed my hair and went into a church with a giant white lens and took a picture of a dead kid.

It sucked

and I’ll say it, I cried. You’d have to have a heart of stone not to.

There were a lot of comments on the paper’s site by people who say they’re offended by my picture. It was my editors’ decission to run it and I’m glad they did. People should be offended. You should be outraged. They held 14-year-old Nicholas Fomby-Davis down and shot him through the chest. Look at it.



5 Responses to “Nicholas Fomby-Davis”

  1. powerful image man

  2. Ryan:
    The word “journalist” is from the Latin, “diurnalis,” which has to do with a daily accounting of what is there. Some choose to avoid what is there. It’s called denial, and it isn’t necessarily pretty – but then, neither is hypocrisy. Truth offends some. So be it. They don’t count. You are a journalist: Some days you give an accounting of joy. Some days pain. An honest accounting of what is there. I am proud.

  3. Ryan:
    Nicholas is my little brother this is a very powerful & moving photo. I believe that everyone should see this just as you said, people should be offended and outraged by it, but it’s the truth & it’s what is going on this world. I want my brother’s story to be heard and want people to understand the violence that is going on. This is just a rude awakening to some people, but it’s time to stop sugar coating everything.

    • Jesus Brianna I’m so so sorry for your family’s loss. This is the part of the job I really hate. I can only hope people can view this image and be reminded of how needless this violence is. I’d be devastated if I lost a loved one and (if I didn’t have the job I have) I don’t know if I could be as classy as you’ve been when someone came to their funeral with a camera. Boston’s streets have become far to used to it’s young people getting shot but if picture’s like these help our leaders make them safer or give pause to the vengeful the photographer has done their job. Thank you and all those close to Nicholas’s once again for your understanding and grace. My prayer are with all of you that you never need attend another kid’s funeral. Please do the same for me.

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