All Scholastics

I spent a lot of time last week gathering portraits of high schoolers for a special All Scholastic section and I have to say it was a welcome change of pace. My first job with a camera was to shoot pictures just like these for high school year books. I guess in a way it made me feel like a kid again.



3 Responses to “All Scholastics”

  1. Sit up straight, young man!

    • I know! This was just a test picture so I could be pretty much ready to go when the kids arrived. I set the timer but obviously I couldn’t look through the viewfinder and I was afraid I wasn’t going to fit in the frame (and all I really needed to evaluate was light on a face) so I just hunkered down a little. Meg thought it was cute so what the heck.

  2. The Three Stooges necktie that you wore for your high school photos would truly compliment the grin.

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