I had a day last week when I had to shoot a bunch of food for a piece about fourth of July recipes. This is an assignment that I never get.  Food photography definitely has challenges that would never occur to me until I’m in the tall grass, but it can be fun when it comes out well. This is the best part though: on the way into Boston I always pass a billboard advertising the lobster rolls D’angelos sells and I want them so bad (but heck if I’m gonna spend 20 bucks at D’angelos though right?) I got to my assignment and wouldn’t you know it, this chef had lobster rolls for me to shoot and when I was done I got to try one… two actually. Incredible. Somebody upstairs likes me I guess. The name of the restaurant was Woodward (at the Ames Hotel near Government Center) and I recommend everything.

Also I went to a vegan restaurant.



One Response to “Food”

  1. This is the closest thing to pr0nogr0phy I’ve ever seen you shoot (or post, at least). Delicious, delicious pr0nogr0phy.

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