Ice, Fire, Water

Listen to my day. It started off nice and easy… the way it always does. First I had Bruins practice. I got to check out top pick Tyler Seguin and at one point thought he was going to fist bump (I put my knucks out and everything) but it turned out he was just trying not to check me. Even better in retrospect. Then it was off the Beacon Hill where the century old DeLuca’s Market burned down Thursday. The owner not only had to board up his ruined store in the worst thunderstorm I’ve ever shot in, he had to put up with me taking his picture while he did it. That takes a cool customer. After that I took a stroll down what I thought was a closed highway in search of flooded cars. I found a car and got a picture but only after the splash of road runoff  rained down onto me and my gear. That part of the highway was not actually close. It wasn’t until after a long wet ride back to the newsroom when I was blasting my camera with compressed air that it occurred to me that it probably wasn’t the smartest idea.



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