Did you know that when the New York Times calls you the number 11111111111 appears in your caller ID? True. Photographer Fun Fact of the Day now out of the  way, I got a call from the number ones last week asking if I could go to a ball game with gubernatorial candidate Linc Chafee. The Paw Sox took the Rochester Red Wings 8 runs to 6. A good time was had by all, including a number of notable gentlemen from the crowd. There was my video editing professor and former Woonsocket Call shooter Norm Grant, who invited me to watch the rest of the game with him and his Dad after I was done taking pictures. Thanks Norm. There were newsmen John Howell and Jim Hummel. I even saw Rep. Miller who I’ve met a hundred time but never remembers me (I don’t know if I should be proud of my ability to blend in or confused by a politician who ignores the news photographers). The paper published the article today so I’ll let you look it over and decide what you want to do in November. I’m not endorsing Linc. I’m not endorsing anyone. I will say he and his staff were very nice to let me spend some time taking pictures and I respect that he running as an independent.


Here’re a few that didn’t make the cut


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