Spidey (non)sense

My understanding is that usually when freelance newspaper photographers are exposed to radiation they gain super powers… so I have that to look forward to… which is nice.

I microwaved myself today.

Yup. I was shooting cell phone base station towers on the roof of the new RIC dorms and I totally felt what the American Cancer Societyexplains as RF waves heating my body tissue. I think. At the time I was standing on a white roof in 90 degree heat. Well anyway it was hot. I don’t know. I could have just given myself a brain tumor or it could just all be in my head  (*wink*)

You might be thinking, as one Rhode Island College employee said to me, “I feel bad for those poor bastards living in the dorm rooms right under the antennas.” Again, the A.C.S. tells us that the strength of these  non-ionizing waves are hundreds to thousands of times less powerful at the rear of the antennas and furthermore weakened by the presence of the cinderblock walls that make up the structures. I’m not going to schedule a CAT scan just yet (or try to sling any webs for that matter) but as far as my editor is concerned, I took one for the team today. I really deserve a raise.



One Response to “Spidey (non)sense”

  1. PS: FCC, you should really put the signs warning people not to come within 9 feet of the antennas, oh I don’t know, nine (or even ten) feet from the antennas rather than right next to them. Where they negligently are posted now.

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