Little room

I took a little bite of the apple the other day.

Here’s what happened, I was supposed to shoot a home profile of this lovely little place in Dorchester but realized that it was a little too cramped to shoot with the gear I have (My wide angle doesn’t want to work on the new body I have – time to buy some new glass.) I did the best I could. Luckily there was a good size entertainment center on the third floor I was able to get images of. Those shots along with the  exterior ones would have made my editor happy but just for the fun of it (an in every effort of dude diligence) I decided to see if I could make a composite. The image above is actually about a dozen frames stitched together. My editor wisely decided not to run it and keep both of us and the paper’s good name above reproach but blogs are for fun so I thought I’d lay it on you. What do you think?



One Response to “Little room”

  1. That is so rad I never would have known! (besides the edges of the picture). What is your new camera body?

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