National Chain Company

This is the part of the job I love.

I got to go behind the scenes at National Chain Co the other day. You know on 95 near New England Tech where the giant diamond is? On the northbound side? That’s where it is. It was great because I got to see lots of different chain for jewelry being made and I’m told there are only about four manufacturers like this in the country.

I never really thought about it but if you’d have asked me who made silver bracelets before my trip to National I’d have imagined it was a short old mustachioed man (possibly Swedish or something like that) toiling away with his magnifying glass and wooden tools as his father and his father’s father had. Not true at all. That shiny expensive stuff at the mall is actually produced by a machine in Warwick (near New England Tech where the giant diamond is on the northbound side) to the tune of about 600 links per minute.

See so this Valentines day when you get a little something for your special lady you can brag that you’re buying local too.

They like that kind of thing.

here are a few more pictures.



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