First Day at the General Assembly

Our State Capitol is a lovely structure, hewn from white marble and sporting the 4th largest unsupported dome in the world, it’s pretty wicked.  But I swear to God there is not one room in the joint that’s suitable for photography. The Senate side of the building is swamp green, the state room has red carpet, giant blue window light and these unshielded yellow incandescent  globes right next to where everyone stands.  Above is the House; the only place in the world with the exact light temperature as vomit.

OK, enough complaining. Our state’s leaders kicked off their session the other day so I popped in for a quick look. I got the usual safe stuff the paper needed of everyone getting sworn in but I thought I’d post these two because they’re a little different. I like  Rep Brian Newberry of N. Smithfield on the left because he’s wearing a hat and Bill Reilly on the right because he’s making the same face I make when I have to take pictures in a 105 degree room withe the exact same light temperature as vomit.



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