back-log of blogs

I really want to be more consistent about posting to the blog and luckily I have a back-log of work that never made it up here to plug in on days when it’s too cold for me to go take a picture for you. For instance, above you see the autumnal bliss of lovers Matt and Christine. I was honored (and a little nervous) to be asked to shoot their engagement pictures. You see Healz and Choch are photojournalist friends and maybe you’re different but I get all bug-a-boo about shooting other photographers. Ones I respect anyway. They must have been happy because they used my shots on their wedding site and save-the-dates.

Here’s a few more of the happy couple

I’ve been trying to lay the wedding stuff on pretty thick lately because right after New Years the inquiries start coming in about shooting weddings.

I’ve still got a lot of dates open this summer.  Give me a call.




Matt & Christine (oak street studios)

-RTC (me again)


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  1. That is one good lookin couple.

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