I gotta check with my ‘numbers guy’

My Wife; she says I need to update more often.

So the best I can do for you off the top of my head is to drawr your attention to the storm that’s a-brewin’ over this blog postby WRNI’s healthcare reporter, Megan Hall (whoever that is – I can’t keep track of all these young reportresses). She can explain it all better than I can but essentially Hall reports former Department of Human Services Director, Gary Alexander (above) may have overstated the Global Medicaid Waiver’s benefit to Rhode Islanders in a recent  Galen Institute report, a report heavily adorned with little Rhody’s state seal despite Alexander’s status as former Department of Human Services Director .

Anyway if this thing grows legs and If you are in a position to buy pictures for your newspaper I’d encourage you to contact the sales office at http://www.ryantconaty.com.



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