Central Falls in available dark

Last week the newspaper, the big one about 3 and a half hours south of here, hired me to shoot more pictures of Central Falls and the gentleman overseeing the city’s receivership, Mark A. Pfeiffer. Well I decided I wanted to swing for the fences so I got up at four and headed down to the one square mile for some early morning light. It turned out there really isn’t any spectacularly dramatic light when it’s 18 degrees and snowing but I felt like I was doing my dude diligence to provide my client with the most complete coverage possible. Now it turns out Pfeiffer has been honorably discharged and CF has been appointed a new receiver by the name of Justice Robert G. Flanders. (who I don’t have any pictures of yet.) I was afraid these shots of CF at dawn would never see the light of day so I’d better toss them up on the blog so you’d have a chance to enjoy them (and I didn’t walk around 18 degrees and snowing Central Falls at 4 in the morning for nothing.)



2 Responses to “Central Falls in available dark”

  1. Thanks for sharing these, Ryan.

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