What did we do right and what did we do wrong?


I have a ways to go with moving pictures. Gathering sound and exporting a finished piece to the web that looks professional in a timely fashion are the obvious next skills I need to woodshed but I have my whole career to work in it so we’ll get there. Let me know what you think.

More to come.



5 Responses to “What did we do right and what did we do wrong?”

  1. Nice job! It felt like a Wes Anderson film. That same woman ate like a million zepoles! I love Walter, I think I know him, is he from East Providence?

    • Thanks Choch! Now that I tried recording and editing a vid I’m beginning to see the challenges that go along with it but not too shabby for the first crack at it. Let’s hope someday I can look back at this and say ‘jeez what a p.o.s., I’ve improved so much since then’ Either way it’s fun. Good eye on the Wes Anderson thing too. I’m hardly a director but I did give a nod by borrowing his font (Futura)… I love that guy.

  2. Ryan , nice stuff. There is a gentelman ( 1:34- 1:43 ) eating pizza, by chance did you get his name. He might be an uncle I havent seen in years. keep up the gerat work my friend

    • Hi Bob. Thanks for checking out my little motion picture experiment but I have to apologize about your possible uncle. I was up to my ears in recording video (and it wasn’t for a client -just for practice) that I didn’t bother with caption info. I don’t know what t tell you. sorry man. He was really enjoying his complementary zeppole though.. he’ll probably be back next year.

  3. […] [Additional Fun Note: Local ace photographer Ryan T. Conaty decided to head down to the event and shoot some video. Ryan would want me to say that he is new to this medium and just figuring out the editing and sound and such, but I think the resulting piece is quite charming. The guy dancing is having so much fun! Click here for video.] […]

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