Philanthropy Camp

Now and again I’ll photograph an event to illustrate a feature story in the paper. Then later on the event organizer will contact me about purchasing the rights to reuse my shots or hiring me for future outings…

That’s just what happened here with philanthropy camp and it occurred to me the pictures never found their way onto my blog.

… so here you go. Grab the Torch hosts a number of philanthropy camps in the summer to discuss with teens how non-profits benefit from gift giving and what its like to be on  board. For the majority of kids I’ll bet its just something that looks good on a college application and a fun way to spend a week but who knows one of them could be the next great benefactor to the humanities…

That reminds me the Corporation to Obtain Ryan Very Excellent Transportation needs your gift now more than ever.

any large amount will help

Please give today.



One Response to “Philanthropy Camp”

  1. Cor´vet (k?r´v?t)
    n. 1. (Naut.) A war vessel, ranking next below a frigate, and having usually only one tier of guns; – called in the United States navy a sloop of war.
    (What year do you like? ’53 & newer?)

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