Organic Allergies

As usual I’m way behind on my blog postings but I should probably mention I had some work in NYTimes last week and try to garner myself a little street cred. The captions goes a little something like this…

Despite her best efforts to choose organic products for her family, Wenonah Madison Sauer of Aquinnah Martha’s Vineyard had to switch to traditional skin treatments for her two-year-old (Amos Sauer) after he displayed allergic reations to the nut oils, perfumes, and dyes in the organic brands. (Ryan T. Conaty for the New York Times)

* note to editor: her other son, Waylon Sauer, 4 seen running through frame

I’ll link to the full story here for you to read.

Finally many thanks go to Wenonah for inviting me in to photographer her and her family. New experiences are sort of the point of this job and when else would I be invited into a Wampanoag household? Tell Amos and Waylon I said hi and I hope you like your picture. Have a great summer!



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