air show

ok so I’m chipping away at some of the editing and blogging I need to knock out after a few busy weeks and today is my annual air show blog. We all know from posts past that I am an absolute sucker for the miracle of flight so I’m not going to talk your ear off here. I’m not going to wax all hyperbolic on the beauty of man’s winged adventure. Nope. Keepin cool… here are a few more pictures to look at…


Also, if aviation is your thing (and you are at all struck by how astonishingly magical it is that mankind, after just 250 short centuries of gazing skyward and dreaming, could let fall the shackles of gravity that bound our bodies to earth’s brown soil to instead soar with angles through 50,000 feet of blue air at nearly the speed of the sound of our cheers) perhaps check out some of Mark Garfinkel’s shots on PictureBoston.



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