RI Future

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Statehouse and I just want to say I’ve never seen anything like Bob Plain from rifuture.com. I couldn’t keep up with him. One second he’s sitting in the mustard colored press closet in the cellar watching what to me looked like static on the closed circut tv then the next second he’s off running – literally, sprinting down the hall – after Speaker Fox to shag a quote. He stood in the elevator doorway and wouldn’t let it close until he asked his question.

It was quite a thing to see.

He’s no Phil Marcello, mind you (who could be?) but he is one hard working man. Respect.



One Response to “RI Future”

  1. […] seems as if at least someone appreciates all the hard work I put into RI Future … also today in a landmark day for your favorite ocal progressive news […]

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