Costantino, Roberts and Ferguson comment on court upholding individual mandate

Well they say if you have a job that has to get done you give it to the busiest guy (or gal) so I’m just trying to stay the busiest guy.

I tried my hand at moving pictures again and save for some heavy handed tickling of the ivories this short isn’t too bad for a quick presser in an office. I feel like the press are at least half of a press conference so they are fair game for B-roll.

My “editing for deadline” though could use some serious woodshedding. Mr. Costantino, LG Roberts’ and Commisioner Ferguson’s comment on the Supreme court’s decision to uphold the individual mandate language of the Affordable Care Act (seen above) didn’t get on the web until far too late. By now you know the law dubbed Obamacare will stand.

Let’s hope my career as a storyteller in the era of the up-to-the-minute news cycle is as fortunate.


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One Response to “Costantino, Roberts and Ferguson comment on court upholding individual mandate”

  1. Love the look of that (and not just because I got a cameo). It’s neat to see it that way. At least we all looked like we were taking our jobs seriously!

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