RISD Museum of Art

Hey Terrific! Meg just notified me that my 36 hours in Providence just got posted to the NYTimes travel site. Make sure you pick up a paper.

here’s Freda Moon’s story and my slide show.

I’ve photographed presidents and I’ve had front page assignments but the responsibility of introducing the place I love the most to the world ended up weighing on me more than a lot of jobs I’ve done for the gray lady. As a result I shot a ton so I’m going to try to display some of those frames that ended up on the cutting room floor here on my blog over the next couple days. This is the RISD Museum I shot on the first day. It’s a place that I (like a lot of locals) do myself the disservice of never visiting. Thank goodness my assignment brought me in because they had great stuff. Check them out and let me know what you think.


ps: Some say Ted Nesi is the hardest working reporter in RI but he took time out of his day to link the mighty Nesi’s Notes to yours truly and for that I thank him.


One Response to “RISD Museum of Art”

  1. I just saw this last night, I’m surprised you didn’t send me a link to this. I uploaded the pic of me at my public facebook page below.

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