Big Nazo

Big Nazo in Providence is without a doubt the Biggest Nazo you can handle. They rule and I want to thank Erminio Pinque and all his fantastic characters for letting NYT ‘n’ ME into their laboratory to take pictures. I worked it too. I was sweating, talking to myself, standing on chairs and stuffing strobes where (excuse me) the sun don’t shine and I was by far the least animated person in the room -the  least creative person in the room and even with my 3 flashes dialed up to full blast I drew the least amount of attention. They were so much fun and so accommodating and I’m certain being in that energetic environment upped my game. Big Nazo shared the spotlight with other great Providence people in my recent New York Times spread… but this blog is just for them and with this humble post I offer pictures and well-earned applause.



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