That picture of the foot seemed to get a lot of play but I assure you, there were others.

In my week-long effort to thank those who allowed me in to stand on their furniture and scare off their customers with my flashes for a recent 36 hours in Providence we’ve come to the shops.

I popped in to several.

First: Craftland. Obv. right? – I’ve shot this place a few times and I think I give up. The pictures never get across how pleasant an environment it is to poke around in. It’s all local art and that’s fine but I like Craftland because, at Christmas time, I wait until the last possible instant to buy presents and I know I can go there and easily knock 3 or 4 people off my list. easy.

Next I hit Wharf where Megan got me my favorite coat ever. It’s not in the mall and it super cool. I’d buy all my clothes there ‘cept they sell nice things and I am a bit of a pigpen so I ruin my nice pants and Megan becomes cross with me and resorts to dollar pants at yard sales.

Last but not least I scoped out Queen of Hearts where I’ve actually bought a number of things for ol’ Meggy-moo. I think the last thing was a totally cute ‘with care‘ pin. Before that (funny story/ true story) I picked her up some earings after I shot a job at a jewelry factory. The owner insisted I accept a bracelet for my trouble but alas I am a journalist. Gifts are forbidden. I wasn’t sure how that was going to go over at home though so I went straight to Queen of Hearts and picked up something shiny to accompany the tale of my integrity.

OK shop local. All that.



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