Providence Bars

The weekend is upon us and because 1, the weekend means it’s time to drink as much as possible and 2, I’m all out of pictures for my NYT job, this final post will focus on the two spots in PVD that the most respected new organization in the world says you should go.

Start off at The Avery, Get a G+T or a ‘ Gannsett and don’t bother taking pictures. It’s lovely and you’ll want to but it’s dark except for a few dramatic lighting accents and so it’s difficult to make any pictures worth looking at. Plus there are cool people being cool there so you’re just going to upset all the coolness going on if you start popping off strobes. I took one for the team and I popped of some strobes because it was the best thing for the story (and I nailed it- look at that light on bartender Zach Fulsom) but it is not for the faint of heart.

Now hit up the E&O… the Early and Often. As a matter of fact the ‘Rev’ is bar-tending tonight! If you like fancy beers go for it, they have plenty, but you’re on your own because I am a cheapskate and I’ve only ever ordered the High Life/Tullimore special for $5. Besides that, there’s pinball and one of those old-timey slider bowling games but those aren’t really a reason to go to a bar either. I can’t give you a good reason why. Just go. What can I say?

…We don’t love because of , we love in spite of.


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