URI Corpse Flower

Now there are no bad assignments

We all know that.

That said, I was tasked with making an audio slideshow of the biggest flower in the world. It only blooms for about 20 hours every six years or so. This isn’t the flower’s fault. Really, that’s not infrequent either- we should all be fortunate enough to bloom a single time in life right? The problem is I was given the assignment a week or so after it bloomed.

I went the artsy-fartsy route (as you can see) but considering the subject I think it works so take a peek and let me know what you think.


Link: the time-lapse the school did is a lot more entertaining 

2 Responses to “URI Corpse Flower”

  1. I love the commentary in the background. “Everyone’s a little eschatological when it comes down to it.” A-men!

  2. Also, you did a really nice job. ; )

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