Save the planet, buy local (drive a cobra)

I don’t want to get into the habit of posting cell phone pictures to the blog but these last couple days have been pretty light lifting around Ryan T. Conaty Photography (what with the storm and all – no assignments – thank God.) I figured you’d had your share of flooded houses and downed tree pictures so I thought I might as well delve into the R-Chive for shots from a happier, sunnier time… last weekend.

I took the Mark IV MG Midget 1500 for a spirited tour south and sneaked the Brit into Fort Adams for their annual car show where I met up with one of my best buds ‘D-bag Jim’ (of

There was a fantastic cream colored Porsche Speedster with a tan hardtop that, as far as I’m concerned, won the beauty contest. I met another race car photographer, Jimmy Gibson, who had great Phil Hill stories and of coarse there were a FFFs (Factory F****** Fives!)

You have a heart of stone if these things don’t put a smile on your face.

If Mrs. Conaty can drag me to the farmer’s market to support sustainable local farmers I think it’s only responsible for me to buy cars locally too right?  These things are made in Wareham Mass and assembled in your own shed. What could be more local that that?

let’s cut down on greenhouse emissions and save the planet here people. I’ll take mine with the 427.




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