Dina Inc.

Dina Inc. is a Tiara, Crown and Jewelry maker in Cranston RI from Ryan T. Conaty on Vimeo.

Pearl Harbor Day was my Mom’s 60th birthday so we wanted to get her something special. I say, We wanted to get her something really special, but besides wanting We really didn’t lift a finger. Megan really saved the day and she deserves all the credit. She discovered a crown maker in Cranston, Dina Inc. so she went and met with father/son team John and Chris Bordieri and picked up a custom made, five-inch-tall, gold plated, Swarovski crystal encrusted tiara and Denise (Mom) was overjoyed.

If you have a queen or a princess in your life in need of coronation check out Dina Inc. and your kingdom will remain a happy one.


love you Mom!

2 Responses to “Dina Inc.”

  1. I am looking to have our existing Tiara’s remade. I have previously had them made in China. But not this year. Do you do custom? Or maybe you have something similar that we could make to the looking of our existing one. Please contact me back asap. Thank you. Carla

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