Dodge / Bullets

This has nothing to do with anything but I celebrated my birthday in Newport Wednesday with some navy pilots (we just had some nice steamed vegetables and then shared a glass of red wine) and on my way home (Thursday) this nice old truck with a ‘For Sale’ sign caught my eye. It’s a 68 and honestly it’s totally gone. The body has more holes in it than my story about Newport, some from rust, some from deer slugs, but like how a good pair a jeans is most comfortable right before the knees rip out of them this green fella just makes you feel good. This year’s birthday was my 35th and while my floorboards aren’t completely rusted through and there are no shotgun holes in my tailgate (yet), the decades have left some authentic patina me too. Whether the finish has been polished down to the primer in places or some maintenance has been neglected its all character and if I look this well used in ten years too rest assured at least I’ll have a few more good stories (with holes in them) to justify a few dents and dings.

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