What’s this talk about grenades now?

Well I’m no Connie (who could be?) but I do have a project that brought me to ‘the marble nipple’ for a hearing Wednesday and I hope the work will stack up.

It being Friday now, I’m sure you’re all up to speed. NRA lobbyist, Darin Goens, met both friends and opposition during a hearing in a very muggy House Judiciary Committee room to discuss the Ocean State’s gun laws.

The quote of the day went to the doves: “Some people would be out with grenades on Saturday afternoons if it was legal”, said ‘Gansett Rep Teresa Tanzi.

Rep Tanzi, You are talking my language. If I thought I could get away with it, I would absolutely be the first one to chuck some grenades come Saturday.

I suppose cooler heads should prevail though and we will all have to meet somewhere in the middle. So for now I will just say to everyone have a great weekend (with or without grenades).


4 Responses to “What’s this talk about grenades now?”

  1. There are days when a few grenades would be very cathartic, just for the exercise and noise. I suppose that’s why they shouldn’t be too readily available, right?

  2. […] Teny Oded Gross at the State House. (Photos by Ryan T. Conaty – for more, check out his awesome blog of RI photo essays) […]

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