Marriage Equality passes senate committee

Rhode Islanders got a step closer to enjoying the universal right to marry this afternoon when the Senate Judiciary Committee passed the same-sex marriage bill (7/4). From here it goes to the Senate floor. Proponents are optimistic this time around so I will do my best to get some more celebratory pictures for you tomorrow.


You want actual information?

here’s Projo’s take (notice yours truly lurking at bottom right)

Ted managed to keep me out of his shot.

… as did the I-Dog.

RIFuture even looks like they have a vid… fancy



4 Responses to “Marriage Equality passes senate committee”

  1. Those are some great shots, Ryan. I hope the Senate passes this bill. I don’t think a bill like this is in Virginia’s near future, one of the things I hate most about living below the Mason-Dixon line.

  2. Hey, Thanks John! I’ll keep you posted.

  3. Glad you have been so faithful to keeping this issue focused on human rights and the people impacted. Each picture tells a compelling story.

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