Rhode Island Adult Correctional Institute

I was just sitting down to edit through a job I just shot in the prison for Rhode Island Monthly and it occurred to me I never shared with you another recent shoot I did in jail so here you go. It appeared in Providence en Español and the gist of the story, for those of you who don’t read español, is ‘these kids are in jail for the rest of their lives so don’t be bad boys like them’.

I think.

If memory serves, the young man on top was robbing a convenience store and shot and killed the guy behind the counter, I think it was gang stuff for the kid in second picture. He got somebody before they got him and the inmate in the last picture murdered his girlfriend with a knife.

I’ll say they were all nice enough fellas to me and I really appreciate them taking the time to have their picture taken.

Tough stuff and more than I really can get into on the blog here but they all come from super shitty situation and I remember sorta understanding how one would come to the point of making the decisions they’d made. In any case, buy me a drink and we can talk more about it but until then just try to be really good parents I guess.


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