About RTC

Conaty is a freelance photojournalist based in the greatest city in the world, Providence RI. He  is a committed multi media story-teller and accepts editorial, commercial and non-profit assignments throughout the universe.


5 Responses to “About RTC”

  1. PS: This picture was taken by the managing editor at the (now defunct) Warwick Daily Times, Louis C. Hochman.
    Lou is a good guy and he takes a nice picture.
    Thanks Lou.

  2. The paper is defunct not Lou
    …Lou is befunked

    Awwww yeah. You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout.

  3. I am hoping you have pictures to share of my sister in law, Kim Kaplan, and her children that you took pictures of this past week in Warwick, R.I.
    Where might I be able to see these to give to her?
    Joy Kaplan

    • Hi Joy,

      I posted a few more pictures that weren’t in the paper. Thanks for getting in touch with me and thank Kim for participating and allowing me to photograph her. I hope she was happy with the story and it shines a light on her situation and she receives some help.


      Why don’t you email me and I can send you some.

  4. […] Moon suggests you spend your 36 hours visiting the RISD Museum, Big Nazo Lab, the Dorrance, the Avery, E&O Tap, Classic Café, Savoring Rhode Island, Wharf, Queen of Hearts, Craftland, As220, Eno Fine Wines, Flan y Ajo, Chez Pascal, Cook & Brown, the Salon, Cable Car Cinema, Julien’s, Blackstone Boulevard, Abyssinia and India Point Park. There’s even a slideshow by talented local photog Ryan T. Conaty. […]

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