1000 hp road trip

I have a very old friend who just accepted a new post a half dozen states away. The way some people might keep a shotgun under their bed or a few grand in a paint can in the garage ‘just in case’, this magnificent bastard stays prepared by keeping five bad ass American automobiles gassed up and ready to rock in his driveway at all times.  Last weekend was D-Day and the fleet needed to get from point A to B and it needed to happen with sound and with fury.

So, in the wee hours of the morning, four enthusiastic gentlemen with 38 combustion chambers at their disposal set out to deliver the hardware to its new home at speeds illegal on every single one of this great nation’s thoroughfares.  If you’ve never hit the rev limiter on a vehicle equipped 300 horsepower engine I highly recommend it but for heaven’s sake do it in your friend’s car.

The older the better – the friend, not the car.


PS: Jerry Reed’s “East bound and Down” should get you in the mood no matter which direction you’re headed