Central Falls teacher rally

I stopped into Central Falls very briefly today.

For those of your who don’t know, CF is the smallest city in Rhode Island (at just a single square mile) and their superintendent of schools just canned all 74 teachers in the district.

The teacher’s union decided to hold a press conference/rally and Megan needed to do a piece on it. There wasn’t going to be enough time for her to borrow the car and then get back so I could get to my Final Cut class so I gave her a ride. Now, being a non-union freelance photojournalist myself and having management (Megan) right there to keep an eye on me, I figured I should at least pretend to work.

At right: Central Falls teachers union president, Jane Sessums, speaks to the press and about 400 supporters in the one of the best Rhode Island accents I’ve ever heard following last week’s news that none of the town’s educators would be re-hired next fall.

At left: I have no caption info for this man. I just took his picture because he had a green jacket and he happend to walk in front of a giant green umbrella in Jenks park… I’m expecting a pink slip of my own any day.



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