Rustigian Rugs (right up the street from Adler’s hardware)

I woke up this morning to my name on the radio (that’s a lie: I slept through it and Meg told me but just bear with me…) I am an underwriter now for our local public radio station, Rhode Island Public Radio. My hope is that it will help me reach out to some cool folks who care about the world around them and demand quality story-telling … and might just have a wedding on the horizon they need pictures of.

In any case, it reminded me of a story I have about another underwriter, Rustigian Rugs (their building anyway.) I was waiting to get a hair cut back in November and I decided to wander around Wickenden St. I looked up to see a man standing on the ledge and painting the trim. In my opinion, it seemed like too much of a risk to take but then, I’ve done some pretty stupid stuff to try to get a picture so who am I to talk? When I was finished getting my hair cut there weren’t any dead painters on the sidewalk so I have to assume he got away with one.

If his luck holds out and he meets that special someone, I hope he (and all of my readers who are lucky enough to find true love in this world) strongly consider having shoot the big day.


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